Do you have a good pair of running shoes?

Do you have a game plan for college?

Informational Articles

Culture is a Compass – Jonathan Marcus
Post-Run Recovery Starts with Protein – Amy Reinink
Talk Your Way to the Top – Derek R. Marr, PH.D
The 5 Ingredients that belong in your Fridge – Lindsey Emery
The Right Way to Carbo-Load before a Race – Dimity McDowell
Foam Rolling? Do it Right – Jenny McCoy, Carl Leivers
Running on Air: Breathing Technique – Budd Coates, Claire Kowalchik
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VDot Running Calculator
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Informational Videos

Foot Strength Routines
Essentials of Running Mechanics

Favorite Team Podcasts

Final Surge by Dean Ouellete

The Morning Shakeout by Mario Fraioli

On Coaching by Steve Magness