Congratulations to Emma Stutzman on her 5A State 2nd place finish! Congratulations to Gustavo Rivera on his 83rd place finish at the 5A state championship!

2022 Pomona Cross Country Schedule

August 20th – Prowling Panther Run – a – Thon

August 27th – Vista Nation 2 Mile

September 2nd – Arapahoe Warrior Invite

September 10th – Liberty Bell Invite

September 17th – St. Vrain Invite

September 23rd – NW Open Spaces 5k

October 1st – Pat Patten Invite

October 7th – Pat Amato Invite

October 13 – League Championship

October 20 – 5A Region 3 Championship

October 29 – State Championship

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Do you have a good pair of running shoes?

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The Right Way to Carbo-Load before a Race – Dimity McDowell
Foam Rolling? Do it Right – Jenny McCoy, Carl Leivers
Running on Air: Breathing Technique – Budd Coates, Claire Kowalchik
Gear Tip: Dry out Soggy Sneaker – Jeff Dengate
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Informational Videos

Foot Strength Routines
Essentials of Running Mechanics

Favorite Team Podcasts

Final Surge by Dean Ouellete

The Morning Shakeout by Mario Fraioli

On Coaching by Steve Magness